Friday, June 25, 2010

Small World

At Rosedale Church in KC on Sunday, Africa came up in conversation. I then mentioned I spent some time in Ghana. Well this church supports a missionary couple in Ghana. I was really excited and asked where they were. They said in a village called 'Q'. I had no idea where that was but they kept saying in the northwest corner of Ghana. I was in the northwest corner of Ghana. I was in Wa and the surrounding villages. And the Russells knew all the missionaries in the area and I met most of them but I could not put my figure on 'Q'.

Last on in the week I was talking about it with the pastor and found out that these missionaries are in Wa, well rather they are in a village of Wa that you can only get to by dirt bike.

After asking what their names were I realized I had met them! Crazy. A few people from the church are going to visit these missionaries; I wish I could go with. I am going to brush up on my Braille and send some notes to my students along with some school supplies for them to drop off while they are on their way to the village.

Crazy! Usually people have never hear of Wa but they not only know people there, they are going there! Way cool.

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