Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back to Wyoming Av. Church

I am back at Wyoming Av. Baptist Church in Philly.

One more week here.

Then I have one week in Roxborough, one week in DC, and then home.

This summer has gone by very fast.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chciago Group Shot

Cathy, Ryan, Jimmy, Allen, Matthew, Zack, Drew, Austin, Sarah, Allie, Nikki, Jessie, Halsey, Sonny, Brandon, Jim, Dolly, Timmy, Aubrie, Zack, DJ, Andy, Rachel, Megan, Jon and Ms. Pearl (she owned the Day Care we stayed at)

North Carolina Group

Group shot!
Top row: Zack, Izzy, Rabecca, Alisa, Kevin, Matt, Matthew
Middle row: Jordan, Sarah, Anna, Katie, Nikalas, Brandon
Botton row: Sammie, Mikala, Nick, Mark, Pastor Ron (from chruch in Roxborough)

They worked hard. And see that back room that is yellow... That is the nursery and they painted it.


We took some time and prayer for the community of Roxborough. In many different ways. The students really got in to the prayers and by the end the whole wall was full of prayers.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Roxborough, PA

I am now back in Philadelphia but I am in the community of Roxborough, which is about a half hour away from where I have been.

I am staying at a Salvation Army. It is cool to see how Salvation Army run because my great grandmother was and officer and I love to listen to stories Grandpa tells.

The group arrived yesterday from North Carolina. It has been fun to hear different accents this summer, especially this group. They have a thick southern accent :)

There are 17 students and they are all Jr. Highers. They are full of energy but they are hard workers.

Chicago Trip

So last week in Chicago I was a little busy. I did not have much time to post but I wanted to share some pictures so you can see how God worked.

I had a great plan for this week. We were going to do so much and it was going to be great. Well I quickly learned that my plan was not the plan that God wanted to happen. The plan I had created was tossed out the window when opportunities to do the Lord's plan dropped right in front of us. Come to think about it... every time I went to make a plan God changed it.

We did God's plan the whole week! One day He lead us to just pray so we obeyed. I had to force the students to stop praying and eat dinner. God was really working!

I got to know a lot of the students really well and got to see Jesus work through all of them. God is good!

I pray that they continue to seek and ask God in all that they do.