Friday, September 23, 2011

Class Pet

I got a guinea pig!!

My students love her! One student walked in saying, 'I'm so excited!'
They helped me get the room and the cage ready for her to stay in our classroom. They even named her, Bella. It means beautiful.

This is one of my students helping me put Bella in her new cage. He actually touched her!
This is one of my students feeding Bella.
Bella will help my students learn responsibility, small motor skills, awareness of surroundings, respect, taking care of a living thing, noise level, patients, cleaning skills, being gentile, how to play, working through emotions (fear, discomfort, excitement); Bella has a big job.

First class pet at Green Hills and I would even venture to say first class pet in Rwanda!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Rwanda has the most beautiful rainbows.

It's God's smiling down at us. It is His promise that He will take care of you.

I love rainbows.