Monday, October 18, 2010

Fashion Show

This is Emily. Emily is in sixth grade and I have had the privilege of working with her for a few years now.

Last week I was overjoyed when Emily asked me to go to her Fashion Show with her. This fashion show was sponsored by an organization called the National Associating for Down Syndrome. Emily got a chance to be center stage, as danced a choreographed routine and walk walked down the runway with a new dress.

This is what Emily had to say:

My name is Emily. I was in a fashion show. I wore three outfits. The first outfit was a black jacket with a white shirt and black pants. On a stage I danced with a suitcase and my pink dress. I danced to the song ‘Hit the Road Jack’. During the dance my hair piece fell off. We took pictures of me and my friends.
Then I changed into a blue dress with black flowers and high heel shoes. I walked down the run way and waved to the Chicago Black Hawks Mascot and Maddy. I had fun!


A lot of preparation went into making this event possible. And even though during Emily's dance she her fake hair fell off she didn't loose a beat. The day was a success. Way to go Emily! Thanks for letting me come :)