Thursday, March 17, 2011

Needed a Jacket

Right now in Rwanda it is rainy season. That means it is about 80 degrees during the day but about a half hour before it rains the temperature drops, a breeze coems and then rain. It actaully gets cold. I put on a jacket! It rains for about 15 mintues andthen stays just a tad coolder for the rest of the day.

At night I seep with a comforter, liek a real blanket. I am sure it is different durign dry and hot season but I know during rainy season I need to carry a long sleeve shirt or a jacket with me at all times.

You never know when it will rain until it starts to cool off and then wind starts to blow. Once it starts raining the whole city pretty much stops until the rain stops.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Taste of Rwanda

After being in Kigali (the capital city of Rwanda) for a day here are some observations:
It is gree, hilly and beautiful (pictures to come).
People are welcoming.
Everything, including internet and spell check all in French.
Therea re no animals running around the streets.
It is quiet and quit peaceful.
The city is very clean.
There are not many people selling thigns from bowls on to of their head.
They have cheese (for all of you that was apart of the Ghanaian adventure:))
Not everyone speaks English.
Peopel are very affectionare: hand holding, long hand shakes when greeting, and lots of hugs.

It might be my naive western midset but I assumed Ghana and Rwanda woudl be a little similar but let me tell's not. There is a difference going from city to city in America; chicago to LA to Boston to Huston. Of course there is a difference from coutnry to country; Ghana to Rwanda.

Many adventures and learning to come.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Rwanda

The travel time was a little longer than expected due to an extra lay over in Uganda but I made it to Rwanda.

I got a chance to get to know the missionary family that I am staying with today. Jen is the mom and Serge is her husband. They have three kids; Pricne (13), Isabella (4) and Beni (1.5).

Now for a good night sleep....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Heading to Rwanda

I am finally finished packing! I am heading to the airport at 3am on Monday March 14th.
Trip: Chicago to Washington DC to Ethiopia to Rwanda!
I will arrive in Rwanda at 3:30pm on Tuesday March 15th.

This is Rwanda. It is in East Africa. I will be staying in Kigali with a missionary family. Kigali is the capital city.
Rwanda is 7hrs ahead of Chicago time.

I am way excited!!