Friday, November 19, 2010


Can you believe it... I am reading!

To tell you the truth I went through high school without reading very many books; spark notes was a great invention. And then in college, I had a lot of friends... :)But now in the 'real' world I kind of have to read.

It is not exactly for fun. It's for training but I am actually doing the reading. I have about 7 books to read for homework. I may be reading because the books are not on spark notes, or because no one else is taking the class with me or because I like to keep busy or because I am really enjoy it or because I'm just growing up. Well what ever the reason, I am reading.

I read one book, listened to another and read/skimmed another. Ok so to you that may not be reading but for me that is reading :)

3 down... many more to go. I am determined to get through them all. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'Grown Up' Doctor

It is that time of year again; the time of sharing and caring and being sick. There are few things my students like to share... but their cold, runny nose, cough, and flu they always love to pass along.

I tried hard to prevent it but it was bound to happen. I got sick. Usually I treat myself; taking cold medicine and sleep but not this time. This time I needed a doctor to take care of me.

This did not seem too bad at first. I loved my doctor; I had been going to her since I was a baby. She was patient and kind to me. She even gave me all my shots for Africa :) And let me tell you that was not an easy task (I am not a fan of needles)

Then remembered the promise my doctor made me, 'I could go to her until I graduated from college, then I needed to go to a 'grown up' doctor.'

Well, today was the big day... My doctor kept her end of the deal and now it was time to keep mine. I went to a 'grown up' doctor today! Even though I was a little nervous I knew I had to get medicine to get better.

Turns out this doctor was very nice. She practiced medicine overseas and was excited about me going to Africa. As we talked for a little bit she gave me some medicine to get over my sickness. Now I would not want to visit her all time, she was a great lady. And I am starting to feel better already.