Saturday, April 2, 2011

Traveling Time

I had a few extra stops along the way...
I started in Rwanda
hopped over to Uganda
then to Ethiopia
9hrs to Rome and then 9.5hrs to DC
I had a 7hr break at the airport and then to Chicago
Slept for almost a full day and back to work

More stories to come!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On My Way Home

My two week vision trip is over and I am now on my way home.

In one hour I will start my adventure back to the US. It is about a 38hr trip to get home.

I will post pictures and more about this trip when I get home.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Special Needs...Beginning Stage

In just two weeks in Rwanda I have been able to meet with many people and have gathered much informatoin about educating children with special needs. I have met with parents, teachers, students, pricipals, professors, governors and associations...

As a result I have concluded that there is a start of special education in Rwanda but it is at teh very beginning stages.

There is no nationwide sign language for the deaf; out of the 66 thousand blind people, only 30 are taught a 6 month vocational training program at a time; there are no docotrs to help children with the medical conditions that come with down syndrome and autism; there is one short course at one of the universities on special education/counseling (and it is just blind and deaf); there are no adaptations for children that are dyslexic or struggle with reading and math...MY HEART IS RACING! SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!

Some sort of national frame work needs to be established, but where do you start??

During my converstaion with the big private school in Rwanda they asked me if I would be willing to help adapt the curriculum for children with special needs, train teachers how to teach students with different learning styles and bring awarness to what an opportunity!

In order for a national frame work to happen it needs to start somewhere and what better place than the big private school in Rwanda!

The dream to educate all the children with special needs in Africa has a chance!!