Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back in High School

My high school years were much different than most...

I went to three periods and then left for an internship tutoring at an elementary school. Afterwards, I worked at another elementary school's after school program. I often went to church and helped with the kids program in the evenings. I just loved elementary kids.

With that in mind... My high school councilor was convinced I was going to come back to Lake Park (my high school) and teach. First of all I liked elementary students and second I was not fond of my high school, why would I go back and teach. Often times I just agreed with her just to make her stop talking, never really thinking about the idea.

Ha... Well here I am graduated from college and now a substitute teacher at Lake Park, in a high school, the same high school I attended, the school my counselor said I would come back and teach at, the school I said I would never come back to. Crazy how that works.

But the funny part: You know that counselor that said I would come back and teach...Well I actually taught with her today. :) She just could not stop smiling.

Lesson Learned: Never say Never

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do the Hula

I found this and though I would share with you :)

If you can not see it clearly, I will explain why it is so great:
My dad, Mason, Mike Duffy, Matt and Flammini are all learning a Hula Dance. It was priceless!

A+ for Effort!