Saturday, April 3, 2010

Missions Organziations

It was great to go and see what the Awana clubs were like in Ghana. If you have ever been to Awana before, well let me tell you, it is pretty much exactly the same but outside. It is pretty cool how cross cultural Awana is. They have hand book time, where they memorize verses. They have council time, where they have a lesson or a story. And you can not forget game time where they have all the same crazy Awana games as in America.

Before I left for Ghana I applied at Awana International to go to Africa and help start Awana clubs. While I was in Ghana I received an email stating I was accepted as a missionary candidate and they gave me three countries I could go to. I was very excited and have been praying about it.

Last week I went to the office to discuss a little further about what I would be doing. After talking with many people at Awana, other missionaries and Jesus I have politely turned down the job offer. I do not feel God is calling me to be a missionary for Awana International.

I am currently looking into three different mission organizations: International Teams, Africa Inland Missions, and Serve in Missions. I have had a little communication with each organization. I have filled out an application at ITeams and information forms at the other two.

So far these are the organizations that work with children with special needs and are willing to have to be a missionary for them. I am still praying and have set up interviews with each organization next week. My hope is that during the interviews God will tell me which origination He wants me to go with.

I will keep you updated on where the Lord is leading me.