Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Country

We took a drive through the country and I got to witness Rwanda's beauty first hand. Ok so pictures just do not do a justice but this place is gorgeous!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I got an opportunity to sit with a group of people from the church and learn from them. It is a group that was started by the church to help the members of the congregation that are affected by HIV/AIDS. They learn how to make beads (you know those fair trade ones) and sew to bring in an income for their families.

When I arrived they were grateful to have me. I do not know their language and did not know how to help with the beads but they were willing to teach me.

First thigns first...langugae...They taught me how to greet in Kinyarwanda. I am not sure if I was saying it correctly but I tried very hard and at least they understood me :)

One woman taught me how to make beads. She was patient through the language barrier and with my lack of small motor skills to make the bead tight like she could. By the end I almost go it. I did not make as many beads as she did but it was fun.