Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicago Marathon

Every year I love to go cheer on the runners. They trained so hard, looked forward to this moments for months, can not believe they are actually running for this amount of time...with this many other people...

It is an exhausting, taunting, exciting, scary, hopeful event...running a Marathon.

I love to cheer them on...
At the start when they are rearing and ready to go
At mile 7 when they are in routine and focused on running
At mile 12 when they are only/already half way done
At mile 18 when they start to think 'why am I doing this?'
At mile 22 when they start to zone out due to exhaustion
At mile 25 when they have to run up hill for the whole mile
At mile 26 when they turn the corner and see the finish line! They smile, their faces light up and feel no pain any more, just the thought of finishing!

Way to go runners!