Saturday, August 27, 2011

Violation of Moto Code

Today I was walking and saw a mzungu (white person) clearly violating the unwritten moto code.

She was violating code number 6 which (no so) clearly states "hold on to the bar behind you (not the driver)". Yep that is right...she was holding on to the driver!!

I might not know all the unwritten codes of Rwanda yet but I am learning. I am very glad I know the moto code!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big School

Green Hills is down a little hill and on top of it (on the road) is a store/restaurant. I went in and could see part of the school.
All of the buildings with blue roofs are part Green Hills:
The far right, three story building is the main office and some secondary classrooms.
Moving left, the building that looks like stairs, is the 5-6 grade classes, art and computer lab
In front, the canopy is where the kids line up to go home
Then there is a play ground
The long strip of classrooms are the 1-2 grade classes
Then some grass and sand
Just past the trees are the 3-4 grade classes and my office

What you cannot see in the pictures is my classroom (which is to the left), a playground, dinning hall (behind secondary building, down the hill) the nursery, gym and football (soccer) field.