Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Technology is great!

It not only allowed me to keep in contact with all of you while I was in Ghana but it is allowing me to keep in contact with all of my students back at the Wa School for the Blind.

I just got an email from one of the teachers at the school with exciting news.

The new school leaders, or school prefects, were elected this week.

Yakubu is the boys prefect and Josephine is the girls prefect. They would be equivalent to an RA in college life or the person students go to with concerns and they keep things in line.

Michael is the new student Chaplin. Fuseini is the sports master; he basically will lead extra curricular sporting events. Iddrisui is the key holder, which means he has the big responsibility of opening and closing the classrooms.

All of these students were my kids :) It is exciting to see them succeed!

There are six students that have a little bit of vision and they were given special color reading lights to help improve their sight. Justina, Paulina, Getrude, Afia, Elijah and Solomon. A few of them will be graduating in April and will be going to high school.

Keep all of these students in your prayers: the new school leaders and their new appointed positions, as well as the students that will be going to high school shortly and to strengthen the student's eyes that can see a little.

Pictures: Michael, Soloman, Iddrisui, and Fuseini