Thursday, October 4, 2012

I admire my TAs

Every day I look into the faces of each one of my TAs. They walk into my office tired, sad, hungry and look into my face, smile and say they are just fine. When I know deep down inside they are hurting.

They are the head of their house, they are only 20 years old but they are the only ones with a job so they are required to put their brothers and sisters through school and feed their family.

Often they do without eating so their younger siblings can have food to eat. They walk an hour to work every day and then back home again. Some have stopped going to college so that their brother or sister could go to school. Some sleep 3 to a bed because they do not have enough room in their house for another bed.

And then they sit in my office and act as if nothing is bothering them.

I think to myself, what sacrifices have I had to make in my life? I have never gone without eating or without sleeping. I had a great education. I have all I ever needed and more.

They look at me and tell me they admire me for what I do... What have I done that is greater than what they do every day?