Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer Plans

I got an internship with Adventures in Missions.

I will be living in Philadelphia and leading high school mission trips all summer. I will be working with the homeless, people with adictions, and a children's ministry. There are three other interns with me and all four of us will be living in an apartment in Philly.

It will be a different summer (not working with kids with specail needs) but this is where the Lord has lead me. And I am excited.


I am done, finished, through - I graduated!

Wow - It is hard to believe I finished college already. Those four years really went by fast but I was able to cram as much as I could into those four crazy years. I will remember it forever.

I graduated :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teaching Video

I made a video for class about my view of teaching. It is video and pictures of my students during my whole student teaching experience. Enjoy

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Lordy is a teacher at the Wa School for the Blind. She went to the university and graduated about 2 years ago. Lordy was lucky to find a job at the school. She is the homeroom teacher for the P6 class. The students love their teacher and Lordy loves her students.

She is about 23 years old. After college she got married and moved from her village to the city of Wa. Her husband is currently in school for his job and is gone down south during the week. Lordy is lucky if she is able to see him on the weekends.

After being married for a year Lordy and her husband has a son named Jackson. Ghanaians pronounce his name as Yackson. He is 6 months old and very cute. Yackson comes to work with his mom every day.

Lordy grew up Catholic but I do not know if she believes that Jesus died for our sins so we can go to heaven. She does not attend church but instead watches it at home on her TV. After school and on the weekends she loves to watch TV.
Lordy and I became good friends over the 10 weeks I was in Ghana. She showed me the good placed to buy fabric and made me many different Ghanaian dishes. Lordy has just moved to Wa this school year and I had was very new to Wa. She understood how hard being new person could be and she helped me out a lot. Lordy is a great friend.