Thursday, March 17, 2011

Needed a Jacket

Right now in Rwanda it is rainy season. That means it is about 80 degrees during the day but about a half hour before it rains the temperature drops, a breeze coems and then rain. It actaully gets cold. I put on a jacket! It rains for about 15 mintues andthen stays just a tad coolder for the rest of the day.

At night I seep with a comforter, liek a real blanket. I am sure it is different durign dry and hot season but I know during rainy season I need to carry a long sleeve shirt or a jacket with me at all times.

You never know when it will rain until it starts to cool off and then wind starts to blow. Once it starts raining the whole city pretty much stops until the rain stops.


  1. that kind of sounds like how it was when we were in California that one year

    i came to look and see what you are doing and where you are right now, tried to call a few days ago and says your number no longer exists, so i assumed you already changed it for africa

    i am home now for spring break, Buddy is sleeping right next to me, i missed him and i added your time zone to my phone, so i have our time and your time so i know what time it is by you, i miss you and i love you <3!

  2. Hey Maddy! Just thinking of you and praying for you today. I love that you're there!