Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Rwanda

The travel time was a little longer than expected due to an extra lay over in Uganda but I made it to Rwanda.

I got a chance to get to know the missionary family that I am staying with today. Jen is the mom and Serge is her husband. They have three kids; Pricne (13), Isabella (4) and Beni (1.5).

Now for a good night sleep....


  1. Wow you have internet!!! Hooray - Hope it is better than Ghana - Buddy misses you terrible - keeps going in your room - and looks so sad :(

    Take photos and post when you can - would love to see what it looks like - skype soon - Love you much!!! Mom - Tracy & Jess

  2. So glad that you made it there. I have been praying for you often as I knew that you were traveling. Have a great time.

  3. How exciting! I am thinking of you and I'm looking forward to your next update. Sandy Chapin

  4. glad you made it there safely.....