Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Taste of Rwanda

After being in Kigali (the capital city of Rwanda) for a day here are some observations:
It is gree, hilly and beautiful (pictures to come).
People are welcoming.
Everything, including internet and spell check all in French.
Therea re no animals running around the streets.
It is quiet and quit peaceful.
The city is very clean.
There are not many people selling thigns from bowls on to of their head.
They have cheese (for all of you that was apart of the Ghanaian adventure:))
Not everyone speaks English.
Peopel are very affectionare: hand holding, long hand shakes when greeting, and lots of hugs.

It might be my naive western midset but I assumed Ghana and Rwanda woudl be a little similar but let me tell's not. There is a difference going from city to city in America; chicago to LA to Boston to Huston. Of course there is a difference from coutnry to country; Ghana to Rwanda.

Many adventures and learning to come.

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  1. Rwanda sounds awesome. I am looking forward to the pictures. There is a lot of French influence in Rwanda, so it is usual for people to be more affectionate. Don't let it throw you off. I hope you are having fun and enjoying the culture. Keep up the good work, and I'll be praying for you.

    P.S. Are there a lot of buttons?