Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day Gone Smooth

Breakfast at 7:30, packed vans, dove to church and had devos and worship

Helped out around the church by cleaning basements, closets, buses, vans, organizing things and mowing the grass

Went door to door and gave them fliers for VBS, lunch, VBS set up and go round up kids.

VBS was great! Had a family from Vietnam, Kenya, Mexico, Minnesota, we had a Muslim family come out, a boy with autism and most of them were kids that had never been to church before.

Walk kids home, pack up, quick dinner and off to the Rescue Mission (for the homeless of KC). Got lost on the way but made it just in time for the service.

Set up for the skit, which was a lot of work... big frame, lights, sheet... but oh many was it powerful. They men at the mission really appreciated it. One even said that he had never read or really heard about the bible before but he completely understood it by the skit.

Back to the college right after a quick walmart run and then debrief, a few songs. Ok - now time for bed.

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