Saturday, June 26, 2010

27hrs Later

I started my journey Friday afternoon, around 12:30pm. I left Kansas for the airport in Missouri. I arrived way too early due to the fact that there was no traffic and security took about 2 minutes to get through. But that was ok, I had some time to relax.

I had a lay over in Minnesota before I got to Philly. It turns out there was a big storm in MN so all flights going there were delayed. An hour or two later we got on our plane and headed toward MN.

The storm got so bad that while we were flying the airport shut down and we had to circle in the air. After about an hour or so we had to land in Iowa to get more fuel. We got off the plane for dinner and we tried it again. We had to fly up to South Dakota and around the back way to land in MN.

We arrived in Minnesota around 10:30pm only to wait in a long line that told us not flights were going out tonight. The next one was Saturday at 10am. All the hotels were totally booked so I had a choice of sleeping at the airport or calling friends. I chose to make a few phone calls but because it was so late, no one was awake to pick up their phones.

Then I remembered the group I was leading in KC was from MN and they had just gotten back. I called the leader and they were willing to pick me up and let me sleep at their house for the night. It is nice to have connections. Got back to the airport the next morning for my 10am flight which turned out to be a 12pm flight.

I arrived back in Philly at 3pm, my team picked me up and drove back to the church. There was so much traffic going back to the church we did not get back until almost 5pm.

Long day of travel but I made it and now it is time for a nap.

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