Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kansas City

I am now in Kansas City. The group will be here in a little over an hour. Our main purpose of being here is to do VBS and build relationships. The group is coming from MN and is very excited (I am very excited too...I'm becoming a professional at leading day camp).

I was so excited when I found out we were staying at a college. I get a real bed!! I have not slept on a real bed since before graduation. But I not only get a real but I also get my very own room! I made name tags for all the kids coming and it just reminded me of being an RA. Mark Hannah (the resident director at Trinity) has taught me a lot about dorm life that will really come in handy while I am here. (Thanks Mark Hannah).

Well I put my sheets on my very own bed, my towel on the little rack, my suitcase/dresser by the wall and now the room is full of orange, it is just like home :)

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