Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Wall....

Last night I got a phone call saying the wall around the house fell down and it was a big problem. I thought it was the bamboo one that we can just prop back up so I did not rush home. 

But when I got home I saw that it was 'a big problem'...
It was the brick wall and it fell right where I park my car. 

The entire wall fell on to the driving way and we could see right into the neighbors yard. 

No one was home and the dog was tied up when it happened. 
I thanked God for the extra work I had to do last night so I was not home when this happened. 
(my car would have been smushed!)


  1. How did this happen?! Craziness.

  2. So glad no one got hurt - how could it just collapse?? No re-enforsement??? How does this affect security??? Love the neighbors tree--

  3. Quite an impressive fall...hopefully you know a good bricklayer or it can be a new hobby of yours!