Monday, October 29, 2012


We had another parent support meeting. 

Parents shared their experiences with each other. Then I shared what it is like to be a student. 

I asked what else they wanted to talk about in other meetings and unanimously they said they wanted to know how we can expand the program throughout all of Rwanda! 

They said there are so many other kids with special needs that do not go to school and they want to know who we can get them into school. 

I almost could not believe my ears; I was so excited. 

Our next meeting will be brainstorming different ideas to spread special education throughout all of Rwanda. 


  1. that is so cool Maddy - I love that they share your passion!!!

  2. SO, SO cool, Maddy!!! I know that is your heart and your dream - to see children everywhere having their needs met with special education - and I love the enthusiasum this post breeds!

    Kaitlyn from MI

  3. SO incredible!!! Keep leading the vision my dear! I have always said this is only the tip of what lies beneath... can't wait to see what God has in store.