Friday, October 26, 2012

Calling Colleges

Cassandra found colleges with her major (special education) and spend time calling them to make sure they fit other requirements like accept international students, offering financial aid, on campus jobs, student housing....

But first she had to learn how to use a phone... All she knows is a cell phone not a 'house phone' (like on with a dial tone). She had only seen it in the movies. 
After she got the phone down, she was a bit nervous to start calling so we made a quick call to my mom for practice:) Thanks Mom! 

Then she was ready...
4 hours later and 15 phone calls she got a lot of information; some good and some not so good. She still has more calls to make to find her perfect college. 


  1. My Pleasure and she sounded GREAT on the phone!!! Praying the right college offers lots of Scholarship money!!!