Thursday, February 2, 2012


Situation: I was riding the bus with my students and the windows were open. My hair was down and as you can imagine it was blowing all over.

Student A: Look at Tr. Maddy's hair!
Student B: It is like a movie.

My thoughts: Like a 50's movies in a Cadillac :)

Student A: Yeah! It's like the lion in Lion King when he roars!
Student B: You're right.

My thoughts: Well, they are is the same color...


  1. Hahahahha I love this!!! Kids are so awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing lol :-)

  2. I love this too - I am glad the children there get to see a different type of hair - it has to be weird for them - but also they are lucky to see my daughter's multi-color beautiful Hair!!!