Monday, January 30, 2012

Water in Kayonza

For their entire lives they had to walk an hour and a half down hill to a stream, fill water containers and then carry them an hour and a half up hill, two times every day. And it still was not enough water to do all the cooking, cleaning, and drinking (not even thinking about bathing, just not enough water).
Now with a well in the middle of the village people walk no more than 10 minutes to fetch water and can get enough for almost 2 days in one trip. And they have so much more time in their day!
Serge asked why this man was so happy to have water so close. His reply, 'Now maybe my wife can have children.' Because his wife had to walk so far to get the water, she kept loosing her babies but now there is a greater chance they can have a child.
Why is this child happy? Instead spending the day fetching water, he will have the chance to go to school!
Since the water is clean the people will be much healthier.

Water... we use it all the time... brush teeth, wash hands, flush toilet, shower, play games, cook, water the plants, drink, wash the floor, clean veggies, pour on you when you are hot, swim... we take it for granted...

Be thankful you have running water and that you don't need to think twice about taking a 20 minute shower or flushing the toilet every time you go to the bathroom... next time you wash your hands thank God for the water you have.


  1. What a blessing for these people! We take so much for granted here. Thanks for sharing!
    Karen D