Friday, June 18, 2010

First Week of Day Camp

Throughout all summer long the teams in Philly will be holding Day Camp. It is in the afternoons from about 3-5pm. And you would never beleive it but I was put in charge of facilitating it :)

At 2:30 we send groups of three out to pick up the kids at their houses. As the kids filter in they get name tags and there are some activities going on; kick ball, duck duck goose, crafts, soccer, relay races. Then they all come together for songs and a story. The kids get a snack and then we walk every child home.

We pick up the kids and drop them off because while they are under our care we want to make sure they are safe.

So Monday of Day Camp... well... it did not go so smooth. I made some changes and Tuesday was just a little better. Wendesday was even better but that was a great Day Camp. There was no structure or plan just a vision for something great. Good thing God gifted me with organizationsal skills.

During the week of Day Camp a few of the children felt comfortable sharing peices of their lives with the teenages that had come from South Dekota. It was brought to our attention and made very real for our teens that abuse does happen. Please be in prayer for the children that have to endure, the teens that it was made real for, and the staff that is figuring out how to handle it.

Our God is good, even in the troubled times.

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