Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Door to Door

Tuesday and Wednesday I lead a group that specifically went out into the community to build relationships. Our focus was to find partnerships with schools, businesses, recreation centers, library and restaurants in the area. Our desire was that we would volunteer at their facilities in efforts to build up the city as well as show them the love of Jesus Christ.

Amious, Austin, Lauryn and I walked up and down the street of Philly. God really opened doors and guided our paths. We build relationships with three of the schools in the area, the public library, a salon, a barber shop, the express pizza, a grocery store and an auto shop.

Right away when we walked into Lou's Auto Shop we saw his need for organization. After some convincing, Austin got up the courage to walk over and ask if Lou needed some help around the shop. Amious game of suggestions on thing we could help with. Then Lauryn looked over and suggested we helped organize his desk. Lou's eyes light up.

After two hours of organizing we only got half way through the papers before it was time to walk back. Lou was very gracious of our efforts to help him. The group wants to go back tomorrow to finish the job.

What a great experience for all of us.

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