Monday, May 24, 2010

New Mexico

Sometimes you have a plan but it does not always match up with the plan God has for you...

A project leader had to back out from leading a trip in New Mexico so AIM (adventures in missions) asked me to go lead the mission trip. I said yes and asked what they are doing there. Oh, they are shearing sheep of course... Ummm that sounds great but what exactly is shearing sheep?

Well, for those of you who are from the city... shearing sheep is cutting off the wool of sheep. And I was told there are thousands of sheep.

The packing list requires me to have shears and well, that is just not something I own so I will have to get a pair of these really sharp scissors when I get to New Mexico.

I am leaving on Wednesday to spend a week on an Indian Reservation in New Mexico with a high school group shearing thousands of sheep with really sharp scissors.

To be honest I actually may not be strong enough to do shear sheep but it will be a great NEW experience.

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