Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My P5 Class

Mom- Thank you so much for uploading all those pictures.

One of my favorite pictures is the one with me working with the two students; right Abdularzak and left Fuseini. Both of these students are very hard workers. They are very intelligent and want to learn as much as they can now because they know that when school is over they will not have another chance to come back; that means they ask a lot of questions. It was a difficult to have the students respond back to me when I ask questions but I was able to build a good relationship with these two boys and now they ask a lot of questions. It has made the rest of the students more open and willing to speak up as well, which makes learning fun.

Fuseini and Abdularzak are considered blind but they both have a little bit of sight. I took them to the computer lab to show them the pictures on the blog. They were very excited to know that all of you will be able to see them and their classmates. I also showed them the picture of the market and they were astonished by the, umm how do I put this… well craziness, but still are very eager to go. (I will see what I can do about that)

Today I was able to take this class to the wood shop. They really enjoyed asking questions, working with the tools and being outside of the school walls. This class informed me that they wanted to go to the radio station. Not knowing if there is a location in Wa we can go to, where it was, if they spoke English, how we would get there, or if the Headmaster would allow it; I told them I would see what I could do.

One of my friends here, Lordy, she took me on her motorcycle to the location station so I could discuss with them of my student’s desires. They told me the procedure I must take to get permission. First I need to write a letter; well I am not the one that wants to go so, that afternoon my student came to afternoon class to write the radio station a letter asking for permission to go. They wrote it in Braille, I wrote it in print and then we took it to the typist to type it, asked Headmaster to sign it, got permission from the classroom teacher and I road my bike to deliver it. I hope to find out if we have permission or not on Friday.

As for today: we had a great time in the wood shop and will be playing Uno in afternoon classes. Oh and Fuseini and Abdularzak are excited they are famous, well famous at least among everyone that reads this blog. Thanks for all the comments!


  1. Fuseini and Abdularzak should know their picture was also sent to Trinity for the article they are doing on your student teaching - I believe that is going on the Trinity website also so maybe they will be famous to more than Maddy's Blog Followers!!!

    If you sent me photos today I don't have them yet my domain site has issues this morning they said they are working on the problem and I will not have website or e-mail for at least 2 hours - ARGH!!!

    Wow this is like living in Ghana - except I have electric and running water and a washer and dryer - ok never mind not like that at all!!!

    Hugs - Love Ya - Mom

  2. Fuseini and Abdularzak will soon have a following of Trolls! Go Maddy!

  3. I think that is awesome that you decided to go out of your comfort zone and face a completely different culture to do your teaching. I am sure you are really making a positive impact on your students. It seems that you really love what you are doing and I wish you the best of luck.