Thursday, February 11, 2010

After School Hours

Here at the School for the Blind there are morning classes, afternoon classes and evening classes but the students still find time to have some fun.

I was able to teach some of them how to play Uno and they taught me how to play Dominos. Each person has 7 and the person that has double one go first. You have to follow the last number called and put down your domino 1/3 then the next person 3/6; they go through the game so fast. I caught on fast and actually won one round.

Everyone loves to race each other. They all line up at one end of the football (soccer) field and at the other end someone rings a bell over and over and that is how they know where to run to. The first person to, well pretty much, run right into the person with the bell wins.

Goal ball is one of the students’ favorite games. There are two teams of 3 and they play on a cement pad. One team is on one side and the other team lines up on the other side; if you have a little sight you must put fabric over your eyes. You are to roll a ball (with bells inside) to the other team. The object is to get it past their line. There is much competition between houses (the dorms they live in). So when they play everyone come to cheer on their team. Well it is very quiet while the ball is in play but as soon as someone scores the crowd so wild.

Twice a week students come together for reading club. They love to listen to stories about pretty much anything you want to read them. I was able to bring over some of the books in Braille (thanks to all who helped buy the books). The students were so excited that they could read the book and not just get read to. It was great!


    That is the game that I was talking about that the guy from my church is an olimpian in.


  2. Pictures attached - Book from Fund Raiser being Read - how awesome!!! Also, Goal Ball and Dominoes - I loaded some from P5 Class going to wood shop that Maddy sent today - I love the way they are so interested in feeling and working with the tools - you can see the wheels spinning in their heads taking it all in - That was so wonderful Maddy you were able to make that happen for them to experience this - something they will never forget!!!!

    Love ya - Mom

  3. Maddy, It looks, from your pictures, that its mostly boys. What are the numbers of boys to girls? Love ya, G-Ma and G-Pa

  4. the school looks very clean and roomy. How much does a family pay to have a student? Est montly. Are there no public schools? What is the average amount of eduction a person would have? In the market place is it mostly "street smart" Excellent work keep it up. Patsy

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Lots of Love - Mom

  6. Wow! Everything sounds awesome. I had to catch up for the last few weeks, as I was in California. I'm back now just in time to wish you a Happy Birthday, Maddy. Loved the pictures of the elephant! Can you play music or CDs for your students?