Thursday, April 25, 2013

Only 3 minutes

We had the secondary teacher put on scarves, glasses and belts all in funny ways. 

We gave them colored pencils that were poorly sharpened and swiggled lined paper

And we told them to do this assignment...

As we blasted the chicken dance song
Lite candles and shook music shakers
My staff walked around 'encouraging' them to do the assignment. 

One person stood in front saying 'The sky is green and the grass is blue' in a low voice.

And at the end no teacher did the assignment correctly...they said it was too distracting.

We then told only felt that way for 3 minutes (one song). People with autism feel like that all the time. Their senses are heightened and it feels like so much is going on. 

We just need to be patient and love them they way they are. 


  1. That is so interesting. I can even relate. As you get older, I think its kind of like the same thing. We have trouble concentrating. take it from someone who knows!!! lovu

  2. Simulations are a powerful way to increase understanding in children and adults. I am sure that this experience was beneficial for everyone who was involved.

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