Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TAs Learning

This weeks workshop was all about 'Real Life Situations'. 

I took real life situations between students and myself that have happened over the years and wrote them down. The TAs were divided into groups and had to read the situation, act it out and then discuss what is the best way of responding.

For Example: The student you are working with refuses to do any work. 
 For Example: Another student makes fun of a student with special needs. 
 For Example: The student you are working with bits you. 
 For Example: Yesterday the student could count 1-10 but today they cannot recognize 1. 

The Conclusion: Yes there are solutions to these situations but each student is different and requires the teacher to go about it differently.

They Got It! YES! That is Special Education! 
Things change, kids are different - which means you, yourself should change and be different with each kid according to who they are.


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