Monday, August 20, 2012


Jackson left for university in Connecticut a month and a half ago. 

Nancy (on left) left for university in Texas a week ago. 
Rina (in middle) is leaving for university in Philly today!   

Teta was accepted to a school right outside Kigali and she started this week. 
George is waiting to hear back from a university in PA but for the mean time is going to attend a school in Kigali. 
Tracy is starting her second term at university in Kenya. 

All of my TAs are growing up right before my eyes.  


  1. Yes they are and you are a HUGE part of that! You have lots to give them as far as world advice and being who God has called them to be. Don`t forget that in the midst of a very busy life... :-)

  2. So exciting to hear about the TAs! Amazing to hear about prayers answered about them. Love it! Hope you are doing well and having a lovely school year.

  3. Quite an impressive college rate! How cool would that be to attend college out of your home country...I'm sure it comes with challenges what what an experience! May the day come when one of your students will also head off to college by the power of God. "For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power" - 1Cor 4:20.