Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Blessing

This past week was CRAZY, one day alone I had 14 meetings. When the kids went home on Friday, I just had to go home and sleep. I came back to work on Saturday and was only able to get one student's lesson planning done.

5am Sunday morning, I woke up with not much confidence that I would even make a dent in the work I had to do before Monday.

6am I get a text. It is from Cassandra and it reads, 'I really want to help you. If I got to church now, my heart will not be there because I've set my mind on coming. I feel like God is totally okay with it. This is my act of worship and I'm happy.' I had to hold back tears, I was so grateful! She said that she just had to leave at noon.

7am Cassandra was in the office. She jumped right in! We listened to worship music and lesson planned for 5 hours. And at 12:00 exactly we tok a step back and we were totally finished lesson planning for the week!
There was no way I could have done it without her. Cassandra you truly are a gift form God. 

Whenever I feel like I cannot do it, God always makes a way to make sure it happens. I know I am in the middle of his perfect plan. 


  1. I am really glad you have somebody there to help you.I hope the rest of the week goes great.

  2. That is amazing, Maddy. SO awesome how God provides for His children and how He is taking care of you even through Cassandra!
    love from Michigan,
    Kaitlyn :)