Friday, November 4, 2011

Trip to the USA

I took a short trip back to the US for a few reasons:

1) Lauren and Bruce got Married

2) Mallory's Birthday

3) Emily's Fashion Show

4) My Mom and Tracy Moved (to the country)

5) A Real, Live, True Mom Hug
A grand total of 80 hours travel time but it was totally worth it!!


  1. And WE'RE SO GLAD YOU CAME!!!!! It was absolutely fabulous to see you and to hear more about Rwanda from you in person :-)

  2. Pics look great. Always great to have a 'shot' of home!! Glad you're here though...

  3. Your Mom was happiest of all that you were home!!! So glad you were here for the move - you were a huge help - I can't wait until you come back and see it all unpacked!!!! Love you Lots and lots!!!!