Thursday, September 1, 2011


We had a workshop for all of the teacher assistants. They are the teachers that work closely with the children that have special needs.

I opened up the workshop by doing a simulation on what it feels like to have autism. All the teachers had to do was write one sentence...while wearing blue tinted goggles, using their non-dominant hand, with a red pen, on a line that was rounded and slanted up, with music in the background, with someone running all around the room, with someone talking in their ear about nonsense and pointing at their paper...but all they had to do was listen to what I was saying and write it down.

The teachers could no believe that is what these students were going through all the time.

Autism: a life long developmental disability which alters the development of language, sensory and social.

The teachers quickly understood that these students were not asking the way they were because they were being disobedient or lazy but because they have a disability.

Yeah these students might have special needs but, they are by God, in His perfect way....they were made special...just like you....and me.

If you want to see the world through they eyes of a child with autism click here
(scroll down to the video).

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  1. Interesting. Enjoyed reading about it. Keep up the good work...gma