Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meet Dorah

This is Dorah. She is my house mate. Dorah is a few years older than me and works for the company in Rwanda that imports and exports goods. Along with her full time job she is going to school to get a degree in business. She attends the church I go to and really loves the Lord. I am excited (and lucky) to be her house mate.


  1. Dorah - Nice to meet you on skype and glad to hear you are a fellow Logistics person!!! You are lucky to have a nice new House Mate. We hope you like the color orange, a very enthusiastic, high energy & excited person - We miss her here. Happy 1st week!!!!

  2. So she is an importer exporter.

    (a joke from Seinfeld. You will not get it unless you watched the show)