Sunday, August 14, 2011

Green Hills Academy

I have always had a passion for children with special needs and God has called me here to Rwanda to share my passion with others. There are so many things that can be, or rather need to be, done for children with special needs; like an integrated school with educated teachers for children with disabilities. But before this can be done, I need to learn about the education system, the culture, find resources and the language of Rwanda.

The amazing part is, God knew I had to learn some things before He can use me to help others. He has given me the opportunity to work at Green Hills Academy. This school has created a new program called Special Needs and they have asked me to be the Special Needs Coordinator. What a perfect opportunity to learn and grow!

As much as I want to be in the village helping the children there, I have to remember that to better help the village, I need to learn some things first. God has put me here and I trust He knows what he is doing.

Tuesday is the first day the students come! I have many students on my case load and more to come. It will be a crazy day but I am excited to dive into things. Here is my classroom:It is a cirlce room with a little extention in the back and the decorations are in proccess :)


  1. I know your thoughts on a round room for teaching special needs kids - but it looks cool to me and I think it is a Great Reminder that you have to think "out of the Box" You will do Great!

  2. Hope your first day went well. Xo

  3. very exciting, the classroom looks really nice.