Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day!!

We got so much snow!! It was awesome!

Can you find my car...?

It is the red bug :)

Even though all schools and most businesses were closed, we still had training. But afterwards we all played in the snow!

Karen, Gale, Katharine, Necia, Me, Ashley, Heather

It was great!


  1. Maddy it looks so cold out there. I am glad that you are all smiling, it even looks like the Maddy smile. In stark comparison I went to a waterfall and went swimming today. Keep having fun at training.

  2. So sorry we missed the Blizzard - Hawaii didn't get any snow ;) sorry to rub it in.....Glad you graduated and had such a wonderful time training - Have a Happy Birthday - Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow - Love ya