Thursday, December 23, 2010

Long Distance Phone Call

I was able to talk to Fuseini today!

He was one of my students at the Wa School for the Blind.

Fuseini told me how everyone was doing. Haruna and Issahaku are both in the vocational class. They are learning trades so they can support themselves. Everyone else; Ajara, Razak, Iddi, Ahabadeen, Rasheek, Patricia, Laticia, Mane, Jowa, Peter, Amina, Decimal; they are all doing good. Micheal, their homeroom teacher, now works at a different school.

They all graduate in 2014 and I hope to go see them walk.

He asked me to greet all of you so 'Hello' to everyone from Fuseini.

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  1. Happy New Year, Maddy! Hello to Fuseini. I'm happy to see that you could catch up with your students at the Wa School. Thanks for your newsletter. I'm excited to see how God is leading you to Rwanda. Blessings and grace, Don Woo