Monday, November 1, 2010

A Special Week

This week was a full week! After working 12-15 hours a day I was tired but I slept knowing this week was special; this week was different than the rest; this week was better!

No two days were the same, come to think of it, no two hours were the same:
I read a test to a student with a learning disability
I worked on math with a student that has a behavior disorder
I practiced speech with a student that is deaf
I filled out college applications with a student that is blind
I put together a science project with a student that has ADHD
I created a map with a student that has an emotional disorder
I took notes with a student that has low muscle tone
I talked about wheelchair rugby with a student in a wheel chair
I interpreted for a student that is deaf
I prepared note cards for a student that has down syndrome
I ran with a student that has autism
I played soccer, basketball, track, ice skated, did gymnastics, swam with all different students.

The best part was not just getting the opportunity to work with each one of these students but the best part was each one of the students I worked with finished the task they started. They ALL finished!

I always love to see them smile, that makes what I do worth it but when they finish something... well, that just makes me so proud! :)

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