Tuesday, August 24, 2010

International Teams

After much searching, filling out the applications, a few phone interviews, a psychological evaluation, another written application, and one last interview, I have been accepted as a career missionary at International Teams, also known as ITeams.

After consulting with the Lord, I accepted the position with ITeams and signed up for the first training session.

How exciting! I am going to be a missionary! I just can not wait!

Now I am sure you are wondering what is the time line of me leaving for Africa... Now this can change according to God's plan but for the moment this is my plan. I will work a little this semester while taking two training session with ITeams and raising support. During January and February are the intense training sessions. I will take a vision trip (check out what is going on, meet the team there, look at my house before I buy it) to East Africa, Rwanda and Uganda. I will come back for the summer and make the last minute preparation. Then I will move to East Africa around October 2011.

I alway thought I would graduate form college and move right to Africa but that is not what God's plan is for me. I will be in the US a little longer than expected but it will be nice to spend some time with my family and friends before I leave.

But again this is just my plan, God can change it. Who knows maybe I'll end up in Africa sooner... :)

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