Friday, August 13, 2010

Garage Sale

So today my siblings and I had a garage sale. We opened at 8am and there was a light flow of people all day long. My goal was to sell as much as possible, even the house. That way it would be less to move when we find a new house.

One man came and I thought he might be interested in buying the house so we talked for a while. He said he could not buy it now but would spread the word that a house is for sale :)

It was 95 degrees outside and I just could not take it any more so we closed up shop around 3:45pm. It was pretty successful: sold some stuff, made some money, finished a scrapbook, did a bible study and talked with some people.

Oh and I am still pretty itchy. I went back to the doctor today and he said I still have poison ivy. Instead of oral drugs he game me creams. Lets hope this works!

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