Wednesday, June 30, 2010

He Answers

I was with a group this morning doing our door to door ministry. In this ministry we walk up and down the streets going into small businesses and asking if they need any help: cleaning, organizing, washing tables, mopping, restocking, ect.

Often people look at us like we are crazy that we want to help for free. Our purpose is to show Jesus's love through us, others care for them and rise up the community. Some people say thank you and send us on our way. But then some people really put us to work.

Today was a slower day. We had walked all the way up Front Street and only had 3 more businesses left. I asked the students in my group to pray that God will open some doors for us so He could use us to bless someone. Not only were we running out of street we still had an hour left for our morning ministry time.

They prayed, said Amen and not even five steps later a women was struggling carrying a big pot. We asked if she needed any help and she looked at our (all Caucasian) group and said 'really?!' We assured her we just wanted to help and would do it for free.

She told us she had been asking herself how she was going to get these 6 LARGE barrels of soil to her back yard. She said a quick prayer and then we walked up.

After carrying lots of soil, playing with dogs, planing a few things, cleaning the back yard a little, talking, mowing her little patch of lawn, talking and praying, over an hour had pasted.

Sure we blessed this women but wow did God bless us with answering our prays and using us to bless someone else.

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