Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zuni Reservation

After church and painting the sign for the church we drove down to the Zuni Reservation for youth group. The church is called the mission and the pastor is Pastor Roger. He is awesome!

The Zunis live in clans and there are over 11,000 of them in the reservation.

Less than 1% of them are believers. They have a native religion where they believe in spirits and medicine men. Zunis believe that Christianity is the 'white man's' religion.

If a Zuni makes the step of faith they are often persecuted for their actions. There are about 10 high school students that go to youth group.

It was great to see their enthusiasm and play some games and share stories with them.

The picture is of us on the ride back. We stopped at the cultural center and took a picture of God beautiful creation.

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