Thursday, February 4, 2010


I thank God every day for the opportunity to come and teach at the Wa School for the Blind. Each day there are doors open for me to be a great example to the teachers and the students. It is so exciting when I get an opportunity to meet someone new, try a new food, teach a new concept, or ride my bike somewhere new.

Lee (one of the other interns with The Mission Society, the organization I came here as a part of) got a great opportunity to help out at a chicken farm in Lawra. Lawra is about 2.5hrs from Wa. The chicken farm is there to help raise money for an AIDS clinic. Lee’s passion in life is animals and God has given him the opportunity to use all he knows about animals to better this chicken farm. He left Wa a week ago.

Anna (another intern; I was living with her here at the school) got a great opportunity to help out at a hospital in Kwmasi. The hospital is in the middle of Ghana, half way between Accra and Wa. Anna wants to be a doctor. At the hospital there is a doctor that is allowing Anna to come and shadow her for few weeks. This will be great experience for her before she goes to college to get her degree in medicine. She left on Tuesday.

As for me I still have this great opportunity to learn how to be a teacher as well as how schools work in Ghana. I hope opportunities continue to come my way so I can learn more and more.


  1. Attached a picture of Lee and Anna while waiting for the bus - fyi - thought you would all like to see it - sorry a day late.....Maddy has been sending me photos in a different format that can be e-mailed and I can change and upload for her...


  2. Hi Maddy, I have been enjoying your adventures as you relate them to us. I can't tell you how proud of you I am and how God has blest all of us through you and your willingness to work for the Lord anywhere He is calling you. I think today is your "special" day. I hope you did something fun to celebrate. Keep up the good work and be safe. Lots of love, Sylvia and Dick.