Saturday, January 2, 2010


Packing for a 10 week adventure to Africa is a lot harder than I thought it would be. At first I didn't have enough clothes, then too much clothes, and now I think I might have just enough.

I found out (the hard way of course) that the Megaword games does not fit in any suitcase I own, so I am shipping a box to the school. I figured well, if I have to ship a box might as well make it a big one. I have packed and repacked (with the help of Jessica) the box and it now weighs about 44lbs. I hope I can carry it from the post office to the school...

In my suitcase I only have the necessities; shirts, skirts, water filter, soap, camera, flip flops, electric adapter and of course sunscreen.

Only 2 more days!


  1. Maddy, I had to laugh when I read "skirts" on this post. I imagine thats going to be quite an adjustment! :)

  2. Oh Shane - that is funny!!! I agree she will look different out of the boy shorts she typically wears!!!