Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm in Africa!

After a long journey and very little sleep I finally made it to Accra. I'm in Africa!

Plane from Chicago was delayed so had 1hr in Germany to figure out where I was going. Had just enough time to go to the bathroom after that 8hr flight and get my boarding pass for the next 6hr flight.

When we landed in Accra we walked off the plane down the stiars and took a train to the airport. Customs went very well and my bags came out right away.

I found the family that I will be staying with until I take the bus to Wa. Driving to their house was an adventure. Roads were not smooth, traffic was crazy and people came right up to the window selling you things... Hey kind of reminds me of Chicago... but of course a little different

Ok made it safe. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for safe travels. I will keep you updated on the trip!


  1. I am so glad you are there safe!!! I can't wait to see some photos!!!!!

    Sending Lots of Hugs - Love ya - Mom

  2. so glad you made it Maddy! so thankful your bags all made it safe too! go do yo thinggggg!
    and i second your mom's post- pictures asap. please.

    hugs from boston -lauren

  3. Thanks for updating your blog. It sounds like your trip was almost perfect! Now to Wa!

    I third the pictures request. Also remember to post on the New Horizons blog. I sent an email with a link.

    Prof. Joy Meyer

  4. Way to go Maddy!!! Of course I will be bragging about you and showing this blog to my students in SPED 216 for inspiration. Still remember you coming to my office as a freshmen and saying "I'm going to student teach in Africa". You are certainly a woman of your word. Prof Post

  5. Congratulations, Maddy! I share Prof. Post's recollection of your sophomore year and your declaration that you were going to Africa. Blessings to you as you start the spring semester in Sub-Saharan Ghana. I will be praying for you.

    Prof. Woo

  6. Way to go Maddy!! Jet lag...its a drag! Glad to see you safely made it to Africa. Soon the challenge and fun will begin...and you thought it already started :-).

    Keep up your energy, have fun and stay alert!

    Hugs, Monique and Sammy (woof)