Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today we went to two different church service.

Wa is in the 10/40 window which means there are not as many Christians or missionaries here. 90% of people in Wa are Muluim.

The first church we went to met under a tree and had about 10-15 members and many children. It was in a village and John (the missionary family I am staying with) spoke about baptism. The members had really good quesitons about it and John hopes to come back soon and hold a baptism.

The second church was in a cement and stucko/mud building. The men and women were seperated to sides and between the congregation and the drums there was a big opening for people to dance. They did an African running man; you lean forward and kind of run with straighter legs, with your arms in from of you kind of pushing a car horn. First the kids went up, then the women, men, then the white people and then we all did it together. John brought communion but in order to take communion here they must be confirmed and be members of the church. So after they had been there for a 2hr service, they wanted to stay for another hour to be confirmed and then they took communion. It was great.

These people have so much faith! It is amazing to see!

With most of the population being Muslum, 5 times a day they stop everything and pray. One man has a microphone and prays over the loud speaker. If you think about it pray for the Musluims about 11pm Chicago time. That is 5am in the morning when the Musliums are doing their morning prayer. It is hard to sleep throught but I am very thankful for worship music and ipods.

Even though there are many musliums here the Holy Spirit is definetly present! And the Lord is working in the people.


  1. Wish I was there to see you DANCE!!!!

    very fun - wish I could have seen all that!! I love to Dance!

    Hugs -MOM

  2. Did u dance? it didnt say u did?

  3. It was great talking to you saturday. We had such a nice day Grandpa will not forget the day. Even Mason and Mallory seemed to enjoy it. We also saw a lot of homeless folks. We all found it interesting the work the Salvation Army is doing in these hard times. Its been over sixty years since Grandpa worked there, and they seemed to really be hap;py to hear his remembering how things were back then.

    You,ll have to ask whoever you talk with, how Mason saved the day.We were locked in a parking lot and couldn't get out. After about half an hour sitting trying to find someone to rescue us, Mason. just went to the huge gate, andslid it open. You had to be there........
    Be safe, LOVE YA

  4. Maddy
    Just cuaght up on all of your posts - so much wonderful information that you will be sharing with your classes in the future. Thanks for such powerful writing. I look forward to hearing about teaching in the school for the blind. Just finished reading a new book entitled "Rex" written by a mother of a child born blind that also had may autistic tendencies. Life changed when Rex was given a piano and they found out he was a musical savant - able to play things perfectly after hearing them once. Rex's mother also found strength in a new found trust in the Lord - knowing that things weren't always meant to go her way but there was always comfort in realizing God's strength and ability to rransform things for His own good. Blessings on you continued work in Wa.
    Prof Post

  5. Nick, Colin, and Jessica say hello from Mr. Schanz's 4th period English Class at Oak Forest. We love that Mr. Schanz lets us read your blog instead of doing classwork :)

  6. Maddy,
    Hi,,talked to your mom today..So excited for you..I will keep posted on your daily activities.

  7. Lol! You danced. I can't even picture it.